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Can we reorder fields in MWA page?
Last Updated 7 years ago

It is possible to reorder buttons in MWA pages and Express Server has a property Order Sequence Number to do this. But for non-button fields (LOV, Text field, List field), it is not advisable to reorder them as most MWA pages have inter-field dependencies. For example, the Lot LOV depends on Item LOV, or some field listener refers to value from previous field.

As a workaround for this, we can create a dummy field above the two fields that we want to reorder and use the field to default both field values. For example, referring to the use case of reordering of the Lot and Item field, we can create a dummy Lot field which does not depend on the Item field. When user selects that, we can use Express Server to default the standard Item and Lot field.

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